How to Measure a Rim

How to Measure a Rim

Before ordering your replacement rims, make sure you have the correct size by following our rim measuring guide.


Rim Size

Your equipment's rim size is determined by measuring it's overall width and diameter. 


Measuring Diameter

Measure straight across from the inner bead edge to edge. 


Measuring Width

Measure straight across from the inner bead edge to edge. 


Make sure you are measuring from inside the flange for both measurements.


Center Dish or Hub

If your rim has a center dish or hub, measure the bolt spacing. 

Measure from center to center on adjacent and opposite bolt holes.


Pilot Hole

Also measure the diameter of the middle hole where the axle mounts. 



Rims with a center dish are offset from the exact middle. A rim's center dish offset depends on the make and model of the machine. There is no universal measurement, so it is important to know this dimension in order to get a rim that will fit your application. Measuring from the outside face of the center dish down to the ground will give you the offset measurement.


All States Ag Parts stocks new and used rims for tractors, combines, skid steers, sprayers, hay balers, and other ag equipment. 


Front Rims

We stock front tractor rims from 3" to 10" Wide with 12" to 19" diameters. Common options include 5, 6 or 8 bolt holes in many sizes.


Rear Rims

Our rear tractor rims come in a variety of styles and sizes including.

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