How to Buy an Engine Rebuild Kit

How to Buy an Engine Rebuild Kit

Is your tractor not performing as it used to? Is it overheating? Blowing smoke? Issues like these may indicate it’s time for an engine rebuild. You may think that replacing it with another engine that works is the easiest solution, but the costs of rebuilding your engine tend to be vastly cheaper than replacing it. Especially if you can do some of the work yourself. After you've properly identified your engine model and verified there is no damage preventing you from rebuilding your engine, it's time to shop for your engine rebuild kit.


An in-frame kit will usually contain the parts to rebuild your engine “in-frame”. The engine will remain mounted in the equipment, and you’ll be able to rebuild it without removing it. Usually you’ll find pistons, piston rings, pistons pins, and gaskets in these kits. These kits are a great way to rebuild your engine while saving on labor or even being able to do it yourself without needing an engine hoist.


If your rebuild requirements are more involved and you’re planning to remove the engine and disassemble it, you may want more from your rebuild kit. The “standard” rebuild kit will typically include the parts from the in-frame kits along with parts like connecting rod bushings, lower gaskets and seals, liners, and possibly even the valve train. You may need oversized main bearings and rod bearings, so these are sold separately most of the time. If you have an oversize bore, some kits are available with oversize pistons.


While your engine is disassembled you may want to take this opportunity to clean the oil and grime off your engine and its components. Large items like the block, head, camshaft, and/or crankshaft can be sent off for cleaning, milling, cutting, or polishing. Smaller items can be cleaned in a solvent tank, dried, inspected, and stored on a clean surface. Make sure to blow out any residue that may be hiding in the passages and holes of the engine before reassembly.


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