Core Criteria

All product core returns must meet the criteria set forth in this document. ASAP retains the right to change/modify these criteria at any time.

  • All States Ag Parts (ASAP) will provide the customer with 90 days in which to return the product core.
  • The customer will pay return shipping of product core to the ASAP location of ASAP’s choice. Any additional shipping charges not authorized by ASAP will be deducted from the core deposit.
  • ASAP will supply the customer with a Bill of Lading (BOL) and/or shipping label the product must be returned using ASAP’s preferred carrier.
  • The customer is required to properly and securely palletize the product core and load the product onto the carriers’ truck. (LTL freight)
  • The customer is responsible for dropping off core package with a carrier and/or UPS store.(UPS & other carriers alike)
  • Product cores received with specialized pallets must be returned on that pallet or a fee of $500.00 to $1,000.00 will be deducted from the product core deposit.
  • All oil ports must be plugged as they were on the original product received by the customer. All fluids must be drained before returning the product core to ASAP.
  • All cores must be returned to ASAP in the time allotted (90 days) and must be complete, assembled, and repairable, otherwise fees will apply.


Core fees are as follows:

100% core credit returned if:

  • The core is complete, rebuildable, and completely assembled.
  • The main components are repairable.

50% core credit returned if:

  • Massive failures leave some major components unusable.

0% core credit returned if:

  • Catastrophic failures leave the component unusable or rebuildable.
  • Core is disassembled or major components are missing.

Customers may request the return of any product core valued at 0% by ASAP. The customer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Core return instructions:

  1. Please see the core preparation section above to ready the core for return.
  2. Contact the selling customer service rep or store location as listed on the invoice.
  3. Let the customer service rep know you have followed core preparation instructions & the core is ready for return.
  4. Customer service rep will provide a Bill of lading (BOL) and/or shipping label for the core return.
  5. Print copies of Bill of lading and/or shipping label. Attach shipping label to core package & drop with carrier.(see above)   (If LTL freight, provide BOL to driver when picked up)

Exceptions may be made and charges may be avoided or agreed upon at ASAP’s discretion.  All exceptions must be approved by ASAP management.