Starter - Denso Style OSGR (18145), New, Denso, 128000-8460, Kubota, 34070-16081

ASAP Item No.
New Used Rebuilt
  • Fits Kubota Tractor(s) L2250 (DT), L2250 (F), L2500 (DT), L2500 (F), L2550 (DT), L2550 (F), L2550 (DTGST), L2550 (GST), L2650 (DT), L2650 (F), L2650 (GST), L2800 (DT-F), L2800 (DT-R), L2800 (F-F), L2800 (F-R), L2800 (HST), L2900 (DT), L2900 (F), L2900 (DTGST), L2900 (GST), L2950 (DT), L2950 (F), L2950 (DTGST), L2950 (GST), L3010 (DT), L3010 (F), L3010 (GST), L3010 (HST), L3130 (DT-F), L3130 (DT-R), L3130 (F-F), L3130 (F-R), L3130 (GST-F), L3130 (GST-R), L3130 (HST-C), L3130 (HST-F), L3130 (HST-R), L3240 (F), L3240 (GST), L3240 (HST), L3240 (HST-C), L3300 (DT), L3300 (F), L3300 (DTGST), L3300 (GST), L3400 (DT-F), L3400 (DT-R), L3400 (F-F), L3400 (F-R), L3400 (HST), L3410 (DT), L3410 (GST), L3410 (HST), L3430 (DT-F), L3430 (DT-R), L3430 (GST-F), L3430 (GST-R), L3430 (HST-F), L3430 (HST-R)
  • Replaces Kubota OEM nos 34070-16081, 34070-16083, 34070-16800, 34070-16803
  • Replaces Denso Mfg nos 128000-8460, 128000-8462, 9712809-846
  • Replaces Mfg nos 18145, 190-585, 91-29-5349, 71-29-18145
  • Denso Style: Offset Gear Reduction
  • Voltage: 12
  • Rotation: Clockwise
  • Teeth: 9
  • For a Used version of this sku use 413953
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See