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Receiver Drier - Heavy Duty Aluminum fits Kubota M8540 fits AGCO fits Komatsu fits Massey Ferguson fits John Deere fits Caterpillar fits Challenger

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Shipping Icon$14.99 Flat Rate Shipping This items qualifies for our flat rate shipping service to the continental US.
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  • Compatible with AGCO Tractor(s) ST34A, ST47A, ST52A, ST60A
  • Replaces AGCO OEM nos 4333461, 176-1902
  • Compatible with Caterpillar Construction & Industrial(s) 320C, 320D, 322CL, 325C, 325CL, 330CL, 345CL
  • Replaces Caterpillar OEM nos 20Y9793120
  • Compatible with Challenger Tractor(s) MT285B, MT295B, MT297B
  • Replaces Challenger OEM nos 20Y-979-3120
  • Compatible with John Deere Construction & Industrial(s) 120C, 160C LC, 180CW, 200LC, 230LC, 230LCR, 270LC, 290GLC, 330LC, 330LCR, 370, 450DLC, 450LC, 550LC, 600C LC, 650DLC, 750, 800C, 850DLC
  • Replaces John Deere OEM nos AT215511
  • Compatible with Komatsu Construction & Industrial(s) D41E-6, D65EX-12, WA250
  • Replaces Komatsu OEM nos 3F999-01740, 33770-56810
  • Compatible with Kubota Construction & Industrial(s) KX040-4, KX057-4, KX080-3, KX080-3 (T), KX080-4
  • Compatible with Kubota Skid Steer Loader(s) SSV75C, SSV75PC, SVL75 (C)
  • Compatible with Kubota Tractor(s) B3000 (HSDC), B3000 (SHDCC), B3030 (HSDC), B3030 (SHDCC), B3350 (HSDC), L3240 (HSTC), L3430 (DTHSTC), L3430 (HSTC), L3540 (HSTC), L3540 (HSTC-3), L3600 (DTC), L3600 (DTGSTC), L3710 (DTGSTC), L3710 (DTHSTC), L3940 (HSTC), L4200 (DTC), L4200 (DTGSTC), L4200 (FC), L4240 (DTHSTC), L4240 (HSTC), L4310 (DTGSTC), L4310 (DTHSTC), L4330 (DTGSTC), L4330 (DTHSTC), L4610 (DTHSTC), L4630 (GSTC), L4740 (HSTC), L4740 (HSTC-3), L5030 (HSTC), L5240 (HSTC), L5450 (HSTC), L5740 (HSTC), L5740 (HSTC-3), M5-091 (HDC), M5-091 (HFC), M5-091 (HDC12), M5-111 (HDC), M5-111 (HFC), M5-111 (HDC12), M5-111 (HDC24), M6-101 (DTC), M6-111 (DTC), M95 (SDTC), M95 (XDTC), M96 (SDSC), M105 (SDTC), M105 (XDTC), M105 (SC), M108 (SHC), M108 (SHDC), M108 (XDTC), M110 (DTC), M110 (GXDTC), M110 (XDTC), M110 (FC), M120 (DTC), M120 (FC), M125 (XDTC), M126, M135, M4900 (DTC), M4900 (C), M5040 (DTC), M5040 (HDC), M5040 (FC), M5140 (DTC), M5140 (HDC), M5140 (FC), M5700 (DTC), M5700 (HDC), M5700 (C), M6040 (DTC), M6040 (HDC), M6040 (FC), M6060 (HDC), M6060 (HFC), M6800 (HDC), M6800 (SDTC), M6800 (SC), M7040 (DTC), M7040 (HDC), M7040 (HDNBC), M7040 (FC), M7060 (HDC), M7060 (HFC), M7060 (HDC12), M7580 (DTC), M8200 (DTC), M8200 (HDC), M8200 (SDTNC), M8200 (C), M8540 (DTC), M8540 (HDC), M8540 (HDC12), M8540 (HDNBC), M8540 (HDNBC10), M8540 (HDNPC), M8540 (FC), M8560 (HDC), M8560 (HFC), M8560 (HDC12), M8580 (DTC), M9000 (DTC), M9000 (HDC), M9000 (DTMC), M9000 (C), M9540 (DTC), M9540 (HDC), M9540 (HDC12), M9540 (HDC24-1), M9540 (HDC-LTD), M9540 (FC), M9580 (DTC), M9960 (HDC), M9960 (HFC), M9960 (HDC12), M9960 (HDC24)
  • Compatible with Kubota UTV(s) RTV1100 (CR, CR9, CRX, CW, CW9, CWX)
  • Replaces Kubota OEM nos T2055-72230, T0070-79270
  • Compatible with Massey Ferguson Tractor(s) 1533, 1540, 1547, 1560, 1635, 1643, 1648, 1655, 1660, 1736, 1742, 1749, 1754, 1758, 1759, 4607M, 4608, 4609, 4609M, 4610, 4610M
  • Replaces Massey Ferguson OEM nos 6244522M91
  • Heavy duty version
  • Diameter: 2.362"
  • Height: 10"
  • Fitting Inlet and Outlet: Pad Mount
  • For Standard Duty Version use 163145
  • For Compressor, Drier, Valve and Condenser Kit use 141018
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See

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