Manifold Air Temperature Sensor, New, John Deere, RE537635

ASAP Item No.
New Used Rebuilt
  • Fits John Deere Tractor(s) 5045E, 5055E, 5065E, 5075E, 5075M, 5085E, 5085M, 5090M, 5090R, 5100E, 5100M, 5100MH, 5100ML, 5100R, 5115M, 5115ML, 5115R, 5125R, 6090MC, 6090RC, 6095MC, 6095RC, 6100MC, 6100RC, 6105D, 6105E, 6105M, 6105MC, 6105R, 6105RC, 6110M, 6110MC, 6110R, 6110RC, 6115D, 6115M, 6115MC, 6115R, 6115RC, 6120E, 6120M, 6120R, 6125M, 6125R, 6130D, 6130M, 6130R, 6135E, 6135M, 6135R, 6140D, 6140M, 6140R, 6145M, 6145R, 6150M, 6150R, 6150RH, 6155M, 6155R, 6155RH, 6170M, 6170R, 6175M, 6175R, 6190R, 6195M, 6195R, 6210R, 6215R, 6250R, 7200R, 7210R, 7215R, 7230R, 7250R, 7270R, 8120, 8235R, 8245R, 8260R, 8270R, 8285R, 8295R, 8310R, 8310RT, 8320, 8320R, 8320RT, 8335R, 8335RT, 8345R, 8345RT, 8360R, 8360RT, 8370R, 8370RT, 8400R, 8420, 8520, 9360R, 9370R, 9410R, 9420R, 9420RX, 9460R, 9460RT, 9470R, 9470RT, 9470RX, 9510R, 9510RT, 9520R, 9520RT, 9520RX, 9560R, 9560RT
  • Fits John Deere Combine(s) S550, S650, S660, S670, S680, S685, S690, S760, S770, S780, S790, T550, T560, T660, T670, W540, W550, W650, W660
  • Fits John Deere Harvester(s) CH570, CH670, CP690, CS690, 7280, 7380, 7480, 7580, 7760, 7780, 8100, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500, 8600
  • Fits John Deere Construction & Industrial(s) 130G, 160GLC, 180GLC, 210GLC, 210K, 210L, 250D, 250GLC, 290GLC, 300D, 300GLC, 310E, 310K, 310L, 310SK, 310SKTC, 310SL, 315SL, 337E, 370E, 410E, 410K, 410KTC, 410L, 437E, 444K, 450K, 460E, 470GLC, 524K, 524KII, 544K, 544KII, 550K, 605K, 620G, 620GP, 622G, 622GP, 624K, 624KII, 640L, 643L, 644K, 648L, 650K, 655K, 670G, 670GP, 672G, 672GP, 710K, 724K, 744K, 744KII, 748L, 755K, 770G, 770GP, 772G, 772GP, 803M, 803MH, 824K, 824KII, 843L, 844K, 844KII, 848L, 853M, 853MH, 859M, 859MH, 870G, 870GP, 872G, 872GP, 903M, 944K, 948L, 950K, 953M, 953MH, 959M, 959MH, 1050K, 1070E, 1110E, 1170E, 1210E, 1270E, 1270G, 1470E, 1470G, 1510E, 1910G, 2154G, 2156G, 2656G
  • Fits John Deere Hay Cutting(s) W155, W235, W260
  • Fits John Deere Sprayer(s) R4023, R4030, R4040I, 4730, 4940
  • Replaces John Deere OEM nos RE537635
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty

  • To receive this product outside the continental U.S., you must call 877-530-4430 to make arrangements
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See