Filter Fuel Spin on BF798, New, Caterpillar, 96-9625, Kobelco, 2451U-2112, Mitsubishi, ME056280

ASAP Item No.
New Used Rebuilt
  • Fits Case Construction & Industrial(s) CX210 (N), CX230
  • Fits Hitachi Construction & Industrial(s) Zaxis 110, Zaxis 120
  • Replaces Caterpillar OEM nos 96-9625
  • Replaces Kobelco OEM nos 2451U-2112
  • Replaces Mitsubishi OEM nos ME056280
  • Replaces Mfg nos DONALDSON P550391, FLEETGUARD FF5367, FRAM P7363, WIX 33525
  • Fits Caterpillar Construction & Industrial(s) E300, E450
  • Fits Hitachi Construction & Industrial(s) CX800HD, EX120-2, EX120-3, EX120-5, EX130-5, EX130H-5, EX200-5, EX200LC-5, EX210H-5, EX210LCH-5, EX220-5, EX220LC-5, EX230LC-5, EX230LCH-5, EX300-2, EX300-3, EX300H-3C, EX300-5, EX300LC-5, EX300LC-5, EX330-5, EX330LC-5, EX350H-5, EX350LCH-5, EX350K-5, EX350LCK-5, EX400-3, EX450-5, EX455, EX455-5, EX455BEH, EX455LCH, EX456, EX95, LX190-7, LX230-7, LX230-7, R290LC-7H, SCX800HD, SCX700C-3, Zaxis 180W, ZX180W, Zaxis 350H, Zaxis 350LC, Zaxis 350LCH, Zaxis 350LCN, ZX350H, ZX350LCH, Zaxis 350K, Zaxis 350LCK, ZX350K, ZX350LCK, Zaxis 370, Zaxis 370MTH, ZX370, ZX370MTH, Zaxis 460LCH, Zaxis 480MT, Zaxis 480MTH, Zaxis 80, ZX80, ZX110-E, ZX110M, ZX120-E, ZX125US, ZX125US-E, ZX130, ZX130H, ZX130K, ZX130W, ZX135US, ZX135US-E, ZX135USK, ZX160, ZX160LC, ZX160LCT, ZX180LC, ZX180LCN, ZX200, ZX200LC, ZX200LC-E, ZX210, ZX210H, ZX210K, ZX210LC, ZX210LCH, ZX210LCK, ZX210W, ZX225-E, ZX225LC-E, ZX225US, ZX225USLC, ZX225USR, ZX225USR-E, ZX225USRK, ZX225USRLC, ZX225USRLC-E, ZX225USRLCK, ZX230, ZX230LC, ZX240H, ZX240K, ZX240LCH, ZX240LCK, ZX250LC, ZX250LCN, ZX270, ZX270LC, ZX280LC, ZX280LCN, ZX330, ZX330LC, ZX370, ZX370MTH, ZX400, ZX450, ZX450H, ZX450LC, ZX450LCH, ZX450MTH, ZX450T, ZX500LC, ZX500LCH, ZX600 Series, ZX650 Series, ZX70-3, ZX70LC-3, ZX70LCN-3, ZX70, ZX70LC, ZX75UR-3, ZX75USK-3, ZX80LCK, ZX80SBLC, ZX85US-3, ZX85USB-3, ZX85USBLC-3, ZX85USR-3
  • Fits Kobelco Construction & Industrial(s) 7090, 7100, 7200, BM600, BM700, SK200 MKV, SK200 MKV Super, SK210-6, SK210-6E, SK210LC-6, SK210LC-6E, SK210-6E, SK210LC-6E, SK210MKVI, SK210 MKVI Super, SK220 MKV Super, SK220LC MKV Super, SK220LC MKV, SK250 MKVI, SK250 MKVI Super, SK250-6E, SK250LC-6E, SK300 Mark III, SK300LC Mark III, SK310 Mark III, SK310LC Mark III, SK330 MKVI, SK330-6, SK330-6E, SK400 Mark III, SK400LC Mark III, SK430 Mark III, SK430LC Mark III, SK450-6, SK450LC-6, SK600 Excavator
  • Fuel Spin-on
  • Contains: Integral Post Seal
  • Thread: M24 x 1.5
  • O.D.: 3-11/16" (93.7)
  • Length: 6-19/32" (167.5)
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty

  • To receive this product outside the continental U.S., you must call 877-530-4430 to make arrangements
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See