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Used Cab Blower Motor Assembly fits Case IH MX210 MX255 MX180 MX200 MX220 MX240 MX270 MX285 323610A1 fits New Holland TG210 TG230 TG255 TG285 323610A1

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This product is not available for purchase on our website. Please contact the All States Ag location below.

Phone: 877-530-4430

New Used Rebuilt
  • Compatible with Case IH Combine(s) 2344 (s/n JJC0174360-later, 1/98-1/02), 2366 (1/98-8/04), 2377 (s/n HAJ0292001-HAJ0300000, 11/04-later), 2388 (s/n HAJ292001-HAJ300000, JJC0276540 -earlier), 2388 (s/n HAJ0300001-later, 10/06-later), 2388 (s/n HAJ0292001-HAJ0300000, 10/04-later), 2577 (s/n HAJ0300001-later, 10/06-later), 2588 (s/n HAJ0300001-later, 10/06-later)
  • Compatible with Case IH Harvester(s) CPX420 (5/05-8/06), CPX620 (5/05-8/06), 620 (9/06-later), 625 (6/06-later)
  • Compatible with Case IH Sprayer(s) Patriot 4420, Titan 3020, Titan 3520, Titan 4020, Titan 4520
  • Compatible with Case IH Tractor(s) Magnum 215 (9/06-later), Magnum 245 (9/06-later), Magnum 255 (1/06-later), Magnum 275 (9/06-later), Magnum 305 (9/06-later), Magnum 335, MX180 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX200 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX210, MX215 (Magnum, 1/06-9/06), MX220 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX240 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX245 (Magnum, 1/06-9/06), MX255, MX270 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX275 (Magnum, 1/06-9/06), MX285 (Magnum, 1/99-later), MX305 (Magnum, 1/06-9/06), Steiger 280 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 330 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 335 (4WD, 8/07-later), Steiger 380 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 385 (4WD, 8/07-later), Steiger 430 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 435 (4WD, 8/07-later), Steiger 480 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 485 (4WD, 8/07-later), Steiger 530 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 535 (4WD, 8/07-later), STX275, STX275 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX280 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX325, STX325 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX330 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX375 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX380 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX425 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX430 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX440, STX450 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX480 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX500 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX530 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001)
  • Compatible with New Holland Tractor(s) T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040, T8050, T9020 (s/n Z6F200013-Z7F204001, Z7F204001-later, 8/07-later), T9030 (s/n Z6F200013-Z7F204001, Z7F204001-later, 8/07-later), T9040 (s/n Z6F200013-Z7F204001, Z7F204001-later, 8/07-later), T9050 (s/n Z6F200013-Z7F204001, Z7F204001-later, 8/07-later), T9060 (s/n Z6F200013-Z7F204001, Z7F204001-later, 8/07-later), TG210 (12/02-later), TG215 (1/06-later), TG230 (12/02-later), TG245 (1/06-later), TG255 (12/02-later), TG275 (1/06-later), TG285 (12/02-later), TG305 (1/06-later), TJ275, TJ280 (1/06-later), TJ325, TJ330 (1/06-later), TJ375, TJ380 (1/06-later), TJ425, TJ430 (1/06-later), TJ450, TJ480 (1/06-later), TJ500, TJ530 (1/06-later)
  • Replaces Case IH OEM Number(s) 323610A1, 84222524
  • Replaces New Holland OEM Number(s) 323610A1
  • Overall Height: 7"
  • Overall Width: 7 3/4"
  • Voltage: 12
  • Mounting Base Length: 14 3/4"
  • Mounting Base Width: 6 1/2"
  • For a New version of this sku use 163556

  • To receive this product outside the continental U.S., you must call 877-530-4430 to make arrangements
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See