Carburetor Float fits International 706 300 660 350 W6 2706 Super MTA Super H T6 650 W9 2606 806 450 W4 460 400 Super M 560 M 600 756 606 656 47398DX

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  • Compatible with International Construction & Industrial(s) T6
  • Compatible with International Tractor(s) M, Super H, Super M, Super MTA, W4, W6, W9, 300, 350, 400, 450, 460, 560, 600, 606, 650, 656, 660, 706, 756, 806, 2606, 2706
  • Replaces International OEM nos 47398DX
  • For International brand carburetors
  • Carb Mfg #'s - 352063R91,352063R92, 352063R93, 352063R94, 356096R91, 356096R92, 356096R93, 356096R94, 356948R91, 356948R92, 356948R93, 356948R94, 357231R91, 357231R92, 357231R93, 357231R94, 358065R91, 358065R92, 358065R93, 358065R94, 358544R91, 358544R92, 358544R93, 358544R94, 361015R91, 361015R92, 361015R93, 361015R94, 361525R91, 361525R92, 361525R93, 361525R94, 362173R91, 362173R92, 362173R93, 362173R94, 362957R91, 362957R92, 362957R93, 362957R94, 363741R91, 363741R92, 363741R93, 363741R94, 363835R91, 363835R92, 363835R93, 363835R94, 364682R91, 364682R92, 364682R93, 364682R94, 365583R91, 365583R92, 365583R93, 365583R94, 366066R91, 366066R92, 366066R93, 366066R94, 367258R91, 367258R92, 367258R93, 367258R94, 367259R91, 367259R92, 367259R93, 367259R94, 368694R91, 368694R92, 368694R93, 368694R94, 372723R91, 372723R92, 372723R93, 372723R94, 373429R91, 373429R92, 373429R93, 373429R94, 373429R95, 378196R91, 378196R92, 378196R93, 378196R94, 379813R91, 379813R92, 379813R93, 379813R94, 379813R95, 380956R91, 380956R92, 380956R93, 380956R94, 380956R95, 381419R91, 381419R92, 381419R93, 381419R94, 381420R91, 381984R91, 381984R92, 381984R93, 381984R94, 381984R95, 387182R91, 387182R92, 387182R93, 387182R94, 388279R91, 388279R92, 388279R93, 388279R94, 388296R91, 388296R92, 388296R93, 388296R94, 388297R91, 388297R92, 388297R93, 388297R94, 388424R91, 388424R92, 388424R93, 388424R94, 388424R95, 388424R96, 388425R91, 388425R92, 388425R93, 388425R94, 388425R95, 388425R96, 396197R91, 396197R92, 396197R93, 396197R94, 397224R91, 397224R93, 406803R91, 406803R92, 406803R93, 406803R94, 406804R91, 406804R92, 406804R93, 406804R94, 47387DA, 47387DB, 47387DC, 47387DD, 50983DB, 50983DC, 50983DD, 52814DB, 52814DC, 52814DD, 52815DB, 52815DC, 52815DD, 533622R91, 533622R92, 533622R93, 533622R94, 534932R91, 534932R92, 534932R93, 534932R94, 534933R91, 534933R92, 534933R93, 534933R94, 539575R91, 539575R92, 539575R93, 539575R94, 58553DC
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