Stuck Tractor? Here's What to Do

Stuck Tractor? Here's What to Do

Wet conditions can cause muddy fields and despites your best efforts you may find your tractor or other farm equipment stuck. Don't panic, we've got some tips to help get you unstuck!


Put It In Reverse

If using an implement, raise it to its highest position to ensure it's ous out of the way. If you are only slightly stuck,  you may be able to carefully back out of the mud. First, lock the differential if possible. Then, slowly try to reverse out of the mud with about 1/4 throttle. If the tractor isn't budging, stop as you'll only find yourself more stuck.


Dig Your Way Out

If you weren't able to reverse out of the mud, you're going to have to start digging. Dig the mud out from behind the front and rear tires and place boards behind them. Try and reverse slowly over the boards and out of the mud.


Getting Towed Out

If neither of these approaches work, you'll need to pull the machine out with another tractor or piece of farm equipment. Clear people and animals from the area and make sure you have appropirate straps or chains to handle pulling your tractor from the mud. Next, position the towing equipment as close as possible to the stuck equipment while ensuring you are parked on solid, stable ground. You don't want to have two stuck pieces of equipment to worry about! When attempting to pull your tractor out of the mud, make sure you are pulling in as straight of a line as possible. 


Call a Professional

If all else fails, don't hesitate to call a professional recovery service. They have the needed tools and equipment to get you unstuck from just about anywhere!


Clean Up

Once your equipment is free from the mud, make sure you take time to clean and inspect the machine. Caked on mud may cause issues with moving parts or by blocking intakes, exhaust pipes, and coolers.


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