How to Identify Your Carburetor

How to Find Your Carburetor’s Manufacturer’s Number

You may find that if your tractor runs rough, has difficulty starting, or doesn’t start at all, it’s time for a carburetor rebuild. When ordering your rebuild kit, you’ll need to have your carburetor’s manufacturer’s number handy. Unfortunately, you can’t order your rebuild kit by the type of tractor you are working on. The carburetor may have been swapped at some point during the tractor’s life or there may have been multiple carburetor options available for your make and model.


After years of use, your carburetor may be dirty and hard to read. If needed, clean the carburetor with a gentle abrasive. Don’t use anything too aggressive, as you run the risk of removing the numbers during cleaning.


The manufacturer’s numbers will either be cast directly into the carburetor or stamped on a tag attached to the carburetor. Make note of any numbers and letters you find; you may need to reference them later. You’ll also want to note what material(s) the carburetor is made of. This may determine which gasket set you need.




Once you’ve received your rebuild kit, follow our In-Depth Carburetor Rebuild Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to rebuild your carburetor.  



If your carburetor is beyond repair and you need to replace it, knowing your carburetor's number will still be helpful when shopping for a replacement.


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