Auger Bearing fits Case IH fits John Deere 9400 6620 6620 7720 9650 7700 7700 fits New Holland fits International fits Massey Ferguson fits Gleaner

ASAP Item No.
New Used Rebuilt
  • Compatible with Case IH Combine(s) 1640 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1644 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1660 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 1660 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1666 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 1666 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1670 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1680 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 1680 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1682 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1688 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 1688 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2144 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2144 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2166 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2166 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2188 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2188 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2344 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2344 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2366 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2366 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2388 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers), 2388 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 2588 (Grain Delivery Leveling Augers)
  • Compatible with Gleaner Combine(s) L (Lower Clean Grain Augers, High Capacity, s/n 15500-later), L (Lower Clean Grain Augers, Regular Capacity, s/n 15000-earlier), L (Lower Clean Grain Augers, SN 15500-28000), M (Lower Clean Grain Augers, High Capacity), M2 (Lower Clean Grain Augers, High Capacity)
  • Compatible with International Combine(s) 1440 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1440, 1460 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1460, 1470 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1480 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers), 1482 (Grain Tank Bottom Augers)
  • Compatible with John Deere Combine(s) 4400, 4420, 4435, 6600 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 6600, 6620 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 6620 (s/n 610301-earlier), 7700 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 7700, 7720 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 8820 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9400 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9410 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9500 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9510 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9550 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9600 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9610 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9650 (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9650 CTS (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes), 9650 STS (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes, s/n 690501-earlier), 9750 STS (Horizontal Unloading Augers and Tubes, s/n 690601-earlier)
  • Compatible with Massey Ferguson Combine(s) 750 (Bottom Bin Cross Augers), 750, 760, 850 (Bottom Bin Cross Augers), 850, 860
  • Compatible with New Holland Combine(s) TR70 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR75 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR76 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR85 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR86 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR87 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR88 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR95 (Bin Stuffer Augers), TR97 (Bin Stuffer Augers)
  • Replaces Mfg nos NPS100RPC
  • All new, rebuilt and used tractor parts have a 1-year warranty

  • To receive this product outside the continental U.S., you must call 877-530-4430 to make arrangements
  • WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive harm. See