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You are here: Home > Salvage Inventory > Allis-Chalmers Salvage
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160 Salvage 170 Salvage 175 Salvage
180 Salvage 185 Salvage 190 Salvage
190XT Salvage 200 Salvage 210 Salvage
440 Salvage 4W305 Salvage 5015 Salvage
5020 Salvage 5040 Salvage 5050 Salvage
6060 Salvage 6070 Salvage 6080 Salvage
7000 Salvage 7010 Salvage 7020 Salvage
7030 Salvage 7040 Salvage 7050 Salvage
7060 Salvage 7080 Salvage 7580 Salvage
8010 Salvage 8030 Salvage 8050 Salvage
8070 Salvage 8550 Salvage B Salvage
C Salvage CA Salvage D14 Salvage
D15 Salvage D17 Salvage D19 Salvage
I600 Salvage WC Salvage WD Salvage
WD45 Salvage

Allis-Chalmers Salvage

Listings show the equipment as it arrived at our salvage yard. Any photos shown may show parts that may or may not still be available. For fastest service contact the salvage yard listed for that unit or click here to Request Used Parts online. You can also call 877-530-4430 to be connected to the nearest salvage yard.