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HID and LED Tractor Lights

Bright, low-power, versatile light solutions for tractors, combines, trucks, UTVs, ATVs and more

High Intensity Discharge (HID) and Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) types of lights are clearly better than the traditional halogen bulb, but when comparing HID and LED lights, it depends largely upon the features you seeks in a work light to determine the best solution.

One important update to HID and LED lights is that they now come with built-in ballast technology. This has dramatically increased the popularity of both types lights, because it eliminates the need to do an expensive retrofit to the current lighting system of the tractor or combine.

HID Tractor Lights

The amount of light produced by an High Intensity Discharge (HID) light is greater than a standard halogen bulb while consuming less power; the HID-produced light more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight than a halogen bulb.

High Intensity Discharge lighting uses an electric arc within a quartz glass tubular capsule of Xenon gas to produce light. HID lights require a ballast, which regulates the voltage supplied to the capsule of gas. These ballasts are built into the most recent HID lights. The built-in ballast technology has dramatically increased the popularity of HID lights because it eliminates the need to do an expensive retrofit to the current lighting system of the tractor.

Benefits of HID Tractor Work Lights

  • Shines Farther than Halogen or LED - 3 4 times brighter than halogen with approximately 3200 lumens. HID lights are also brighter than most LED lights.
  • Longer Lasting than Halogen HID lights last 3000 to 3500 hours compared to the average Halogen bulb that lasts 250 400 hours. The delicate tungsten filament found in halogen bulbs is replaced with the xenon gas capsule.
  • More Economical - HID lights on your tractor will produce more light from less power than Halogen. In an HID light 35 watts at 3 amps produces far more light than a halogen light using 65 watts at 5.5 amps.
  • Better Sunlight Simulation HID lights are closer to the color temperature of natural daylight than halogen bulbs which reduces eye strain & stress.
  • More Focused Light HID lights produce a more focused light beam than LED Lights.

LED Tractor Lights

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) are light sources utilizing diodes that emit light when connected in a circuit. The effect is a form of electroluminescence where LEDs release a large number of photons outward; the LED is housed in a plastic bulb, which concentrates the light source. The newest LED lights have an internal ballast to eliminate the need for costly retrofitting of your existing lighting system.

Benefits of LED Tractor Work Lights

  • Superior Visibility LED lights produce a crisp, bright, white light the closest to real daylight of any artificial light sources.
  • Unmatched Longevity LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours 20 times longer than HID lights. They may never need to be replaced again.
  • Extreme Durability The solid-state construction of LED lights eliminates fragile bulbs, filaments or electrodes perfect for the harsh conditions faced by farm equipment.
  • Instant On LED lights are "instant on", where HID lights take time to warm up before reaching maximum brightness.

Which tractor light is better?

There isn't a clear winner to this question. The main strengths of LED lights are durability, and smooth pattern. Disadvantages may include true light efficiency and limited patterns. So far a combination of LED and HID tractor lights can work well for many farm uses depending on the application.

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