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Tips for Getting Your Tractor to Start in Cold Weather

According to the University of Tennessee, an engine is about five times harder to start at 0 degrees F than 80 degrees F. If you are planning on using your tractor in colder temperatures, there are several steps you can take to ensure your tractor starts easily when you need it.

1. Park Inside
One of the most important and simple steps is properly storing your tractor when not in use. Park your tractor in a garage or shed to help keep wind and cold temperature away from the engine. Plus, if your tractor does require extra work to start, it’s more comfortable to work in a covered area.

2. Charged Battery
A battery’s ability to provide full cranking power degrades as the temperature drops. If your battery was not 100% charged or is in poor condition to begin with, the cold will only make that problem more apparent. Not only is a fully charged battery more likely to survive the winter but a battery that is at 32 degrees will have only ¾ of the starting power of a battery at 80 degrees. It is also important that all connections and cables are clean and tightened properly. Never crank the starter more than 30 seconds. Wait at least two minutes between extended starting attempts in order to give the battery cables and starter time to cool. A battery pad heater can help to maintain cranking power in cold weather.

3. Engine Block Heaters
Block heaters can be screwed directly into the engine block, clamped in line to a radiator hose or magnetically applied to the engine. Having warm oil means the engine and starter do not have to fight against thick cold oil during cranking. At All States Ag Parts we stock a variety of engine heaters.

4. Glow Plug Preheat
The glow plugs in your tractor serve to preheat the combustion chamber so that the diesel fuel will ignite and kick off combustion. After the engine is turning the compression of the engine spontaneously causes the fuel to combust and the glow plugs are no longer heated – they are just used to start this process. In cold weather, we recommend preheating your glow plugs in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. Many tractors are equipped with a preheat indicator that will light up when the glow plugs are heated.

5. Tank Heaters
Keep fuel at an optimal performance temperature by utilizing tank heaters. Tank heaters directly heat the fuel tank & liquids inside to prevent gelling and freezing. Keep your fuel tank full with the best diesel blend for the winter to prevent condensation from freezing in the fuel tank and clogged fuel lines.

6. Idling
Once you start your engine in cold weather, let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes before beginning work and putting your tractor under load. Taking those few extra minutes ensures the engine parts are effectively warmed and lubricated so the engine will run at full capacity.

7. Oil
It is also advisable to switch to a lighter motor oil in the winter. A lighter oil will have less resistance and allow the engine to spin over faster during startup. Read you owners manual for suggestions on cold weather oil.

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